FREUDWERK develops objects that blend into and enrich your living environment.
The exclusive selection of materials and products demonstrate quality and functional values linked with a pureness and clarity of form.

The interplay between design and handwork is our major focus. Our intensive development process combined
with an in depth know-how and a passion for details enhances our forms, materials, modern techniques and traditional handcraft.





We highly value a respectful utilisation of raw materials. This is reflected in our simple form philosophy as well as in the selection and treatment of the materials.
Our products are crafted in small quantities, which enables us to be flexible and cater to individual client demands.

FREUDWERK articles have an individual timeless elegance combined with a long life durability.




It all began in Glottertal, Germany. Born in 1978, Matthias early developed a deep connection to nature and culture during his childhood. This was supported by the family farming of his parents (field, forest, vineyard, grassland). So, his rootedness in tradition and home arose early. But at that time, the handling of wood was restricted to care and observation of the family forest.

During school, Matthias’ strengths soon became visible. They all could be located in the artistic field. Driven by his practical nature, it was clear for him to start working in skilled crafts and trades after graduation. So, in 1999 he decided to start an apprenticeship as a joiner/cabinet maker. After the first professional years, he was looking for some kind of change. Following his inner voice regarding development and self-fulfillment, he started his very own peregrination.

He started in New Zealand on the opposite side of the world. In 2004, he travelled through the island for several months and got familiar to the country and its people. After his return to Germany, he worked again for some years in his previous profession and then travelled on to England, to John Beavan Ltd. In this workshop, located on a remote farm on the border to Wales, furniture for the V&A Museum and the royal house were crafted. There, Matthias had the opportunity to learn wood carving and joined the traditional restauration of farm houses.

And Matthias’ peregrination continued:

2006 – 2009: Studies of Interior Design, Rosenheim / Germany

2008: Studies of Furniture Design, Seinäjoki / Finland

2008: Internship, Neuland Industry Design, Munich / Germany

2009 – 2011: Studies of Industry Design, Basel / Switzerland, Graduation: Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design

2012 – 2014: Designer (Maker, Research & Development) at Joseph Walsh Studio, Fartha-Riverstick / Ireland

2014: Return home and foundation of “FREUDWERK – Design & Manufaktur”

First, FREUDWERK was just a design studio located in Glottertal, Germany. In the meantime, Matthias is owning a manufactory in Reute, Germany. Here, he is developing and crafting his creations in a very skilled, careful and elaborate way. Besides his own collection, projects are worked out and manufactured on individual customer request. As a further main pillar, FREUDWERK offers design services starting from conception, via prototyping to serial manufacture.