NUN – natural and different!

NUN is a wooden vase which is handmade in a very elaborate way. Its base is built by a isosceles triangle growing into a spatial corpus.

Although the simple setup – only 3 areas joint together by angles – NUN offers a set of new and interesting impressions from every point of view. Based on the dynamic interplay between shape, geometry and material, NUN becomes an art object full of facets and contrasts. At the same time it can be filled with water and used in the original and functional sense as a vase. This is made possible by the completely sealed inner surfaces.

By the choice of wood and surface finish, the material is restaged in a different way. The highlighted wood structure appears like a graphic element and throws a new and fresh perception on the well-known material wood. The interaction of material and shape converts each vase into an art object.

NUN is available in two sizes and colors and will be manufactured in a limited quantity of 30 pieces each.